Trading communities: from crypto miners to elite

While developing professionally, traders start giving preference to certain assets and instruments. And, naturally, they have a desire to share their own experience, as well to learn from more experienced investors. That is, to become a part of a community. In this article we will tell you about the main tradering communities, the events that they hold, and the interesting things you can find in them.

Cryptocurrency communities

Let’s remember 2017, when the wave of popularity of digital currencies led to a sharp increase in the number of cryptoсurrency communities. The level of people’s activity was growing together with Bitcoin exchange rate. Cryptocurrency World Expo, Block Hat Europe, Blockchain World conference, CryptoInvestForum, # CryptoFest … This is not a complete list of world conferences, which were held last year. The situation has slightly changed now. Fewer conferences are held, and people don’t speak about superprofits, but about new projects related to blockchain technologies. However, they did not become less useful, and crypto traders remain an example of unity and self-organization.

Conservative investors

Traders who prefer more traditional assets and instruments also have their own activities: Forex Expo, Traders Expo, TradeTech FX, Forex & Money Expo and other events take place primarily in global financial centers such as New York, London or Kuala Lumpur. Real stars of trading are often invited to such events. For example, legendary Larry Williams participated in one of the conferences in Moscow in 2015. It was then that he pronounced the famous phrase: “… I have been trading for 53 years. What else should I do?”. Everyone benefits from taking part in such conferences. Some investors could find the missing element of their strategy in the speech of a successful trader, and some of them may be content with informal communication with others.

Financial Establishment

There are also closed meetings which are attended by heads and employees of large business structures, in particular, in the sphere of mineral extraction. In fact, participation in such events is neither cheap nor simple. For example, one had to pay fee of $ 3550 to meet key players in the gas industry at the 19th International Conference in Shanghai. As well as to pay for the trip to China. But if you like to play big, it’s worth it. The participants of such conferences are the first ones to learn about the high-yield prospects of the businesses.

In search of a bargain

One can meet a fellow trader at the exhibitions of high-tech industry. Besides, he or she can learn a lot of new things, which can subsequently form the basis of the investment portfolio. The technologies are being chased. If the company manages to outpace its competitors and create something superpopular, the investors’ attention to its shares is guaranteed. For example, the presentation of virtual reality glasses Gear VR became a news hook that caused additional investment in Samsung shares. Their value increased by almost 10% at London Stock Exchange within 1 month.

The Internet is more efficient!

Forums and social networks are the places where one can learn about the most relevant things and events. Even professional investors now and then share their forecasts on the market on different web sources. Live discussions used to be the main instrument for synchronizing the global financial system in the previous century. But the rules of the game have changed now. Do you want to feel a part of the trading community? The Internet is what you need. And you can start your professional communication on Olymp Trade social networking websites → Facebook

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